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 BA Programmes


 Admission limits

First-cycle studies full-time mode part-time afternoon mode part-time weekend mode
general* 120 10 ​10
​Global Business, Finance and Governance ​50 ​– ​–
​International Economics ​25 ​– ​–
Management​ ​35 ​– ​–
Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems​ ​25 ​– –​
* The choice of the field of study takes place towards the end of the second semester of studies, as defined in Rules and Regulations of First and Second-Cycle Programmes at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. The enrollement limit per programme will be defined by the Rector.
The programme or mode of study is launched if the following minima are observed:
1) concerning studies in Polish – at least 50 applicants (Polish and non-Polish citizens jointly);
2) concerning studies in English – at least 30 applicants (Polish and non-Polish citizens jointly).

Legal basis: Rector's Order no. 17 of 2 May 2019​ on starting particular majors or forms of study in the admission to the first year of full-time and part-time first and second cycle programmes at SGH Warsaw School of Economics in the academic year 2019/2020