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 Admission step by step


​In order to successfully complete the admission process at the SGH, please read the following step-by-step guide:

1. Internet registration system

Create an account and fill in the forms in the Internet registration system:  basic personal data, your maturity exam/school-leaving grades, and other selected achievements. Upload a photo of yourself – we will use it for making your student ID card. Choose the modes of study you are interested in (or particular programmes if you wish to study in English) and do not forget to arrange them according to your preferences. Please check your account for important messages on regular basis.

You may modify the data until the system closes. The day the system closes is also your deadline for paying the application fee.

2. Qualification procedure

The number of points to be awarded in the qualification procedure is 433 in total –333 points are to be gained based on maturity exam or school-leaving results, while the remaining 100 points may be gained for the entry test in Entrepreneurship. The entry test is required only in the case of candidates applying to full-time studies in Polish.

NOTE! If you are a laureate or a finalist of a Polish national school contest or have significant sporting achievements, please read more in the ‘School contests and sport achievements’ tab.

Maturity exam or school-leaving grades

You may submit your grades in four subject categories, but in each subject category results may be submitted from only one subject and results from the same subject cannot be submitted in two categories (regardless of the subject’s level). Total number of points you may be awarded based on your maturity exam or school-leaving certificate is 333 qualification points.
Lack of results in one of the categories does not disqualify you from the admission procedure – you simply receive zero points in that category.

The following table shows how qualification points are awarded to candidates who have taken the Polish “Nowa Matura” exam:

​Subject category Required level​ Qualification points​
Subject I:
Mathematics or Physics ​
​written extended ​1% = 1 point, max. 100 points;

Additional points awarded for bilingual classes level:
1% = 1/3 point
Subject II:
Physics, Informatics, Geography, History, Social Studies, or Economy
​written extended ​1% = 1 point, max. 100 points;

Additional points awarded for bilingual classes level:
1% = 1/3 point
​Foreign language I:
English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, or Italian
​written extended ​1% = 1 point, max. 100 points;

Points awarded for bilingual classes level:
1% = 4/3 point, but no more than 100 points
Foreign language II:
English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, or Italian
​written standard or extended ​Points awarded for standard or extended level:
1% = 1/3 point, max. 33 points;

Points awarded for bilingual classes level:
1% = 4/9 point, but no more than 33 and 1/3 points

NOTE! If you are applying based on a document other than the Polish “Nowa Matura” certificate, please read more in the ‘grade converter’ tab.

Entry test

If you are applying for admission to full-time studies in Polish, then you are required to an entry test in Entrepreneurship. The test is worth up to 100 qualification points.

If you are not applying for full-time studies in Polish, then the qualification procedure is based only on your results as shown on a maturity exam or school-leaving certificate.

3. Document submission

Once you receive a message through the registration system that you are invited to submit your documents, the system will also unlock a tab with documents for printing out, namely your application form, library statement, and the list of required documents. Please print out all the files, sign where necessary, and take them with you as they need to be submitted along with you remaining documents. You will receive your decision on admission right after you submit a complete set of required documents and they are verified positively.

Ideally, you should submit your documents in person; however, if you cannot make it then you may submit them through your representative (with a power of attorney). Also, please bear in mind that if – at the time of document submission – you are still a minor, your parents or legal representatives need to give you their written consent for university admission.

NOTE! Candidates applying on terms applicable to Polish citizens cannot send their documents by post or courier.

Legal basis: SGH Senate resolution No 540 of 26 June 2019 for academic year 2020/2021