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 Required Documents

According to the terms and conditions of admissions to the first year of full-time and part-time studies of the first and second cycle at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics in the academic year 2017/2018: 
  1. a printed from the ISR and signed by the candidate online admission form being an application for admission;
  2. two copies of the tuition fee contract;
  3. one contemporary photo meeting the ID format parameters;

and present the following for the purpose of making certified copies by SGH:

  1. an original of the Polish maturity certificate or an IB diploma;( candidates who, at the time of filling documents, have not yet received an IB diploma should file a note issued by their secondary school stating that they passed their exams under the International Baccalaureate programme – a copy of the diploma should in such an eventuality be filed as soon as possible;

    OR secondary school-leaving exam certificate or other document obtained abroad entitling to apply for admission to studies at universities (the original or a true copy) or other document obtained abroad (the original or a duplicate prepared by its issuer or by other entitled institution), entitling to apply for admission to studies at universities of all kinds in the country in whose system the institution granting the certificate operates, such certificate being considered equivalent to the Polish maturity certificate pursuant to the regulations on nostrification of school certificates and secondary school-leaving certificates obtained abroad or considered equivalent to the Polish secondary school-leaving certificate or considered as entitling its holder to undertake such studies in the Republic of Poland under an international agreement may be admitted to first-degree studies (the legalization requirement does not apply to the International Baccalaureate and European Baccalaureate diplomas):
  2. an ID or another document stating identity;
  3. a certificate acknowledging the achievement of a laureate or finalist of a Polish school contest at a central level;
  4. a document confirming their language competence in English on B2 level (applicable to candidates qualified for admission to programmes with English as medium of instruction);
  5. a candidate holder of a foreign maturity certificate apart from the documents mentioned above shall also file the following:
    • foreign maturity certificate legalized or endorsed with an apostille,
    • certified translation of the maturity certificate into Polish,
    • the nostrification certificate – for documents which may not be recognized pursuant to an agreement on mutual recognition of educational documents and provisions of article 93.1, 2 of the act of 7 September 1991 on the system of education binding the Republic of Poland,
    • a candidate holder of a European Baccalaureate shall attach a certified translation of the EB diploma to the diploma original.

Foreigners who wish to pursue their studies based on the regulations applying to Polish citizens shall additionally present the following for the purpose of making certified copies by SGH:

  1. a passport or another identity document;
  2. a document confirming the right to university admission pursuant to article 43.2 or 43.5 or 43.5a of the act – the Law on Higher Education.