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1. Dorms

It is possible to apply for accommodation in dormitories which are situated near SGH premises (within 10 minutes by walking). 
However, there is limited number of places at the dormitory.

Information on how to apply can be found here – there is only Polish version available at the moment.

The cost depends from the building of dormitory (Sabinki or Grosik) and it ranges from 465 till 440 PLN per month.

The prices for dormitory for 2016/2017 year are:

  • deposit payable upon arrival (which is returned before departure providing the room and its equipment is not destroyed) – 400 PLN (100 EUR),
  • a place in a three-person room – around 465 PLN/month (118 EUR).
Check in information:


Information about rules and regulations of SGH student residence halls you can find here.

Here you find all information about announcements of renting a room. There is only Polish version.

2. Accommodation outside of SGH

a) Another option would be to search on your own on this websites:

b) Also you can try to find a room in Warsaw University of Technology dormitories
ul. Waryńskiego 12, phone 22 825 25 97

c) Short-term accommodation

Offers are not verified by our office.


For information about transport tickets tariffs please go here.

If you need information how to get to any place in Warsaw, please go here.

 Cost of living in Warsaw

The total cost of living, that would cover basic expenses while living in Warsaw, would amount to 300-400 EUR per month depending on personal demands and lifestyle. Weekend trip to other Polish destinations would be additional 100-200 EUR per trip.

You can eat meal at SGH premises for about 12-15 PLN (around 3-5 EUR). At the dormitory there is fully equipped kitchen you can use.  Food expenses for one month can come roughly to  around 150 EUR. Other expenses: books/entertainment – 150 EUR per month, telephone card – from 2 EUR for 15 units to 5 EUR for 60 units (1 units = 3 minutes of local call), mobile – 12-25 EUR; health insurance – 8 EUR per month, municipal transport - 15 EUR per month.

 Work in Poland


When you are studying full-time in Poland, you can work at the same time!
Not only will you be able to earn money for your daily expenditures but also you get a chance to get to know new people and learn more about the country.

Being a student, you also have a chance to participate in free or paid internships or work placement.

If you are from the EU or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you can make use of EURES services. EURES is the European Jobs Network of public employment services and their partners on the EU labour market. Its purpose is to provide job placement and information on living and working conditions in the EU member states; to support international and cross-border employment mobility.