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Academy of Young Economist Children’s Economic University Preparatory Courses in Economics Bachelor Studies Master Studies Post-Graduate Studies Doctoral Studies MBA Studies Language Courses Professional Trainings E-Learning University of Third Age Study in Polish

 TABLE OF FEES 2019/2020

First-cycle studies for one semester (single payment) for one academic year (payment in 10 installments) for repeating failed courses  for ECTS surplus resulting from covering extracurricular courses exceeding the limit of 6 ECTS points​ application fee​
full-time studies in Polish ​– 150 PLN per 1 ECTS​ point 150 PLN per 1 ECTS​ point ​85 PLN
full-time studies in English
2,000 EUR 4,200 EUR
(420 EUR per installment)
70 EUR per 1 ECTS​ point 70 EUR per 1 ECTS​ poin​t
​85 PLN
part-time studies afternoon or weekend studies in Polish 3,600 PLN​​ 7,400 PLN
(740 PLN per installment)
150 PLN per 1 ECTS​ point
​150 PLN per 1 ECTS​ point ​85 PLN


Legal basis for the academic year 2019/2020: