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 Finance and Accounting with ACCA qualification (MASTER’S DEGREE)

The second-cycle studies in Finance and Accounting at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics  expand the knowledge of financial management of business entities, including financial institutions, with particular interest in the determinants of managerial decisions based on results of financial analyses and research. The studies also provide specialist knowledge forming firm basis for undertaking professional work or continuing education.  

The competencies developed in the course of the programme enable the graduates, after relevant internship to work as experts or managers in a given field of finance or accounting and prepare for self-employment, as well as for obtaining certified/licensed qualifications in Poland and abroad. The studies also provide solid basis for the third-cycle studies.

Language: English

Mode of study: fill-time

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

It is possible to obtain not only a master's degree in Finance and Accounting from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, but also the ACCA qualification, an internationally recognised professional qualification. The programme is led in cooperation with EY Poland.




A graduate of the second-cycle studies in the field of Finance and Accounting at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics: 

  • understands the impact of the monetary policy on the financial markets, as well as on the operation of financial institutions and other business entities, 
  • knows how to possesses interpret and apply advanced principles of financial accounting and management accounting instruments, including cost accounting, 
  • knows the explanation, interpretation and assessment of the impact of legal regulations, including tax regulations, on conducting business, 
  • is able to make thorough financial analyses, also those based on management accounting instruments as well as to formulate conclusions and recommendations accordingly, 
  • is able to combine financial issues with other business aspects, e.g. marketing or management and to calculate both investment effectiveness and cost of financing together with determining the optimal investment portfolio/sources of financing, as well as assess the level of financial risk and formulate conclusions and recommendations of this basis, 
  • is able to make financial plans of a business entity, as well as competently and communicatively justify the suggested solutions and decisions, and to be critical of them, 
[social competencies:] 
  • displays initiative and involvement in organising team work, including interdisciplinary teams, 
  • demonstrates understanding and acceptance of the principles of ethics in the area of finance and accounting, including the codes of good practices, 
  • recognizes the principles of corporate social responsibility and the need to apply them.​
The full list of learning outcomes is available in Curricula and study plans​ (pages 154-157).


The application and admissions procedure has the following stages: 
  1. registration in the online system 
  2. submission of required documents 
  3. end of submission of documents period 
  4. verification of documents by SGH 
  5. issuing decisions on admission 
  6. information about registration for classes sent by Master Dean's Office (in the registration system) 


​​​There are no specialisations in this field of study. ​


2550 EUR per semester​

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