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 International Tourism, Hotel Industry and Leisure Services (MASTER’S DEGREE)

The second-cycle studies in International Tourism, Hotel Industry and Leisure Services at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics aim to equip students with appropriate knowledge and skills for business activities in the area of tourism and leisure services. 

Thr graduates of the programme may pursue a career in hotel industry, travel agencies, entities rendering recreation and entertainment services, and in other enterprises operating in the tourist market environment. They may also seek employment in public administration institutions, NGOs, and entities specializing in consultancy, tourist market research and leisure services research. Likewise the studies prepare students for establish their own businesses and taking up third-cycle studies. 

Language: English 

Mode of study: full-time 

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)


The graduate of the second-cycle studies in the field of International Tourism, Hotel Industry and Leisure Services at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics: 

  • displays advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of tourism economics and management, as well as knowledge of various methods of data collection and analysis in the area of economic sciences, 
  • understands processes shaping the development of world tourism and hospitality industry, as well as the cultural, spatial, legal and environmental factors in tourism development and co-operation in international tourism, 
  • knows the functions performed by enterprises operating in the area of tourism on international markets, 
  • ​makes use of different data mining techniques and data analysis methods appropriate for research in the field of tourism and hospitality industry, plans and executes research tasks, 
  • evaluates the competitiveness of both tourist regions and enterprises, as well as identifies barriers to their development, 
  • undertakes research and professional tasks and conducts appropriate analysies, drawing logical conclusions and formulating judgments on the basis of data acquired from different sources, also in the circumstances when the information is incomplete, 
[social competencies:] 
  • shows acceptance and sensitivity to different cultures, 
  • demonstrates entrepreneurial acumen, 
  • is a role model for professional ethics, demonstrates responsibility for actions performed personally or by others, and is aware of the co-workers’ professional and social roles. 
The full list of learning outcomes is available in Curricula and study plans (pages 116-117).


The application and admissions procedure has the following stages: 
  1. registration in the online system 
  2. submission of required documents 
  3. end of submission of documents period 
  4. verification of documents by SGH 
  5. issuing decisions on admission 
  6. information about registration for classes sent by Master Dean's Office (in the registration system) 
More information can be found here: 


​​​​There are no specialisations in this field of study. 


1800 EUR per semester

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