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The first-cycle studies in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems at the Warsaw School of Economics provide basic knowledge in the field of economics, management and finance as well as the canon of knowledge related to quantitative methods in economics and information systems. The educational offer of this field of study also includes practical courses in the area of statistical and econometric analyses, decision-making, information technology and demography. Within the framework of this field, it is possible to choose one of two educational profiles. One of them focuses on quantitative methods in economics, and the other on information technology in economy. The studies develop competencies necessary either to start a career in business entities and institutions where it is essential to use mathematical, statistical, econometric and IT tools or to do business. They give a good theoretical and methodological basis to take up the second-cycle studies.​


A graduate of the first-cycle studies in the field of Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems at the Warsaw School of Economics can:

  • solve macro- and microeconomic problems with the use of various analytical tools, including modern information technologies,
  • understand and knows how to use the tools of mathematical analysis in econometrics and information technology,
  • use linear algebra in statistics, econometrics an mathematical decision-making models,
  • design and conduct statistical research,
  • use methods of statistical inference in statistical and econometric research,
  • construct, estimate and interpret estimation results of basic econometric models, and knows how to implement the models,
  • create independently and implement a decision-making model,
  • analyse and design information systems with the use of methodologies, techniques and tools which support project management,
  • design databases and knows how to manage them,
  • speak fluently two languages, and part-time study graduates should know one foreign language at an advanced level.

Students will be given the opportunity of choosing between two specialisations:

  • Econometrics,
  • Decision Analysis.

Completion of studies (obtaining credits and passing exams) submission of thesis, degree examination​

Administracja - Dział Rekrutacji i Organizacji Dydaktyki

​al. Niepodległości 162 office 37, building G 02-554 Warsaw, Poland​

Nr telefonu:
+48 22 564 7777
Godziny pracy biura:

​The office hours: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Monday till Friday)​

2000 EUR per semester​

The qualifying procedure shall consist only in the verification of the required documents submitted by applicants.

Programmes in foreign languages are conducted only as full-time studies.
Document confirming the knowledge of a foreign language:
Candidates for studies in a foreign language who have not scored at least 70 percentage points in their maturity exam at a higher level of the foreign language being the language of instruction at such studies shall be able to submit a document confirming their foreign language competence at a minimum level of B2. The requirement stated in the foregoing sentence does not apply to candidates who:

  1. hold an IB or EB diploma or another foreign maturity certificate issued by a school where a foreign language was the language of instruction;
  2. hold a higher education diploma in foreign filology or applied linguistics of a foreign languagehold a higher education diploma in foreign filology or applied linguistics of a foreign language;
  3. hold a document confirming graduation from another university programme which was run in a foreign language.

In the following section a foreign language shall mean the language in which the studies are conducted.

Enrolment for foreigners

Enrolment for Polish citizens