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Podyplomowe studia „Academy of Leadership in English” : Korzyści
Podyplomowe studia „Academy of Leadership in English”
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 Perspektywy zawodowe

​This program is designed for: managers, project managers, coordinators and others performing role of leader, business owners interested in developing managerial competences, individuals interested in holding managerial position in international environment, individuals interested in developing managerial competences and English proficiency, in one.

 Korzyści dla studenta

​Key advantages of the Postgraduate Study Leadership Academy in English:
  • Comprehensive program developing managerial competences necessary to hold managerial position in international environment.
  • Access to professional training materials, related books, case studies, and self-assessment tools.
  • Classes delivered in interactive formula in order to achieve learning outcomes and to support competences development.
  • The entire program is in English with the intention to enhance the English language proficiency of candidates.
  • Well-established SGH diploma and appreciated by employers.

 Korzyści dla pracodawcy

​The Study can be offered in a closed formula, i.e. dedicated to employees of one organization. Such Study is "tailor-made" to the needs of a given company.